Taxibeat collaborates with civil society to aid refugees

On the 30th of September residents of Athens had the opportunity to send boxes with relief items to refugees through a service offered by Taxibeat and Metadrasi. The respond to the call for help was overwhelming, and the repetition of the initiative is being discussed already, as well as expanding it to several other Greek cities.

Taxibeat is a private company offering cab services through its online application. Due to the great interest of the people who wanted to send a box of essentials but did not have the time, the company decided to take action. After consulting with METAdrasi, an NGO devoted to managing immigration flows with respect to human rights, Taxibeat announced that it would offer its services for free, for any person who would like to send help to the refugees.

It was scheduled that on the 30th of September the Taxibeat application would allow users to call a taxi which would pick up any boxes the user had already packaged, and bring it to Pireaus port in order for it to be sent to the islands which receive the highest amount of immigrants such as Kos and Lesvos.

The Taxibeat Company did not receive any payment for this service, and the taxi drivers worked on that day for free. Due to the great response of the citizens, despite it was scheduled that the application would accept calls up to 5pm, they had to close it two hours earlier as it took them up to 8:30pm to complete the collection and sorting of the boxes.

On its last update for the initiative, the company tweeted on its website “We hope this is just the beginning”.

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