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For the last several years, wherever you turn you hear about Greece. And not in a good way. Especially in Europe, people are fed up about talking about the Crisis, the Memoranda, austerity and the groundhog day of Eurogroups with no seeming end in sight.

But within this crisis, not all is doom and gloom. There are Greeks who, unseen, are innovating, creating jobs and wealth and investing in quality products and showing the way forward and how to exit the Crisis. There are many of them, with many different stories, but they embody all that we think is great about Greece. We believe that it is important for them to be the ambassadors of Greece, for them to be known , rather than the stories of doom and gloom.

The Greek Crisis Success Stories project consists of 7 videos: one for each of the company (EPSA, EZA,GAEA, Incelligent, Kyon, Taxibeat) and a documentary video with all of them combined, speaking about their companies and their projects, entwined with glimpse of their products, employees and endeavors. This is the first of a series of such videos, which will show more such companies, and different aspects and innovative approaches to entrepreneurship in Greece.

As part of the project, we will be giving you updates on the companies and the exciting developments. We are also pleased to announce we are currently in pre-production for the second series.

Indicatively it should be noted that just these 6 wondeful companies have:
-Employed more than 350 employees
-Gross more than 30 million Euros annually.
-Export their good to more than 35 countries.

We hope that you will see and hear their stories, and help us spread their message. Their products, their labour and their innovation is what is great about Greece, and it is they that will provide our country with the solution it requires.

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