Freedom of Media? 2017 Balkans And Turkey

Freedom of Press is one of the cornerstones of modern democracies. It is a checks and balance for politicians, informs citizens, reveals scandals and economic irregularities, but also levels criticism helping shape public opinion.

These last years, this freedom, as with others, is under attack. Whether due to internal issues which have put press credibility at stake, or external subversion which comes in all shapes and sizes (which might be as simple as editing out articles in media not in line with the line of the puibication up to an inclluding persecution and arrest of journalists).

Today, 3rd of May is the World Press Freedom Day ( and as can be seen with a simple search in the internet it is a Freedom under threat in many locations all over the world. Unfortunatly, our wider geographical region around and including Greece, is just such a place. These threats have incnluded arrests, attackss and even deaths of journalists.
Greek Liberties Monitor (, in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom ( ) and the European Public Law Organization ( is organizinng a 3 day event regarding the Freedom of the Press in the Balkans and Turkey, in the 26th-28th of May 2017. The event will have the honor to host journalists, academics and activists from these countries and beyond.

The event will be held in English, and more details can be found here:

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